Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Yellow Fever symptom of paranoia

Paranoid. That is the best word to describe the current government. Everywhre they look, they see Gloria plotting against them. And with good reason, since they did the same to Gloria when she was president. They know full well that now that Penoy is in power, they are at the receiving end of what they used to do to the past administration.

Penoy's paranoia stems from the fact that he has done nothing in his one year in office, and now that the SONA is drawing near, he has to do something to make the people think that he is. And so, he uses his secret weapon: Blame Gloria.

Blaming Gloria is this administration's favorite past time, but i contend that Penoy could take a page from Gloria's book. Ask anyone who worked for Malacanang during Gloria's term and they will tell you that Gloria is a workaholic -- something Penoy will never be accused of.

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