Saturday, October 01, 2005

Prof. Astrologio laid to rest

It was a rainy Saturday morning. Friends, family and students of Prof. Crispin Astrologio gathered at the Royal Chapel of St. Peter Funeral Homes in Quezon City to pay their last respects. I headed the necrological service which followed the morning mass. The day before, i received a fax from Vice Governor Vicnent Villaluna of Catanduanes. He said he could not make it to the service, but he sent his eulogy via fax, which i read. It was a touching eulogy honoring the man who has inspired many of us, his former students, to do well. After the service, a convoy of about fifteen vehicles traversed the long road from Quezon City to Loyola Paranaque. Rain was pouring down hard on the convoy of cars led by the hearse. The rain let up a bit as the convoy entered the memorial park. As the group of people attending the burial gathered around his casket for the last time, i looked around. Familiar and unfamiliar faces alike were crying as his casket's lid was closed. As his casket was being lowered into the damp earth, a slight drizzle marked a final farewell to the man we called Astro.