Wednesday, October 26, 2005


This information is from Greenpeace Southeast Asia: Food Safety is an important concern of all societies. Consumers anywhere in the world are wary of the rpesence of pathogens, pesticide residues, and other toxic chemicals in their food. There are especailly serious concerns about the safety of eating Genetically Engineered (GE) Foods. Because Genetical Engineering is based on the random insertion of genes, it can produce unintended and unexpected effects. The long term implications on human health of eathing GE Foods are also not known (and have not been investigated).

According to the Royal Society of London, a prestigious group of independent scientists, babies and infants are especailly vulnerable to allergies and changes in the nutirtional composition of their diet. A mandatory labelling system allows consumers to avoid these risks.

Sadly, Numerous bills on labelling are found in both our hosues of congress. However, these have never progressed beyond their filing, and to dat, no committee deliberations have been done to inform consumers about the items they are buying.

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