Friday, October 14, 2005


Talks are ripe about Malacanang's alleged plan to use the power of the president to dclare emergency rule. This plan has been criticized by members of the opposition and the militant groups who are now afraid of the very ghost they created. I for one support this plan to impose emergency rule for several reasons: (1) this is to show that congress and the opposition are not int he position to dictate their whims on the commander-in-chief; (2) That the presidency is still equipped to utilize available means of controlling the country's continued downspiral due to the opposition's unabated thrist for power; and (3) to show that the constitution (yes, the Cory constitution) has given the president such remedies, the same powers which Cory and her gang of power-hungry cronies are now eager to condemn. Damn! Corazon Aquino and Susan Roces have gone far in their lives only to be pushed back into the primeval ooze by those politicians who have decided to crawl out and wreak havoc on our poor country. The likes of Lacson, Pimentel et al belong in jail and if I am the president, order their immediate arrests and summary execution. to hell with these destabilizers. The country is losing so much because of some oppositionists' lust for power --- even going to great lengths such as spying on other foreign powers just to destabilzie the government. i say kill all destabilizers on the spot. And to those civilians who are rumored to be arming themselves to protect GMa should she be forced out of office through extra-constitutional means, remember the words of Paul Revere: To arms! To Arms! We should be ready... armed and ready to fight for the country against these power-hungry destabilziers.