Friday, February 16, 2007

Nursing Leakage Backlash

I said this before in my previous blogs, here and in my other sites. Those opposing the retake of the nursing licensure examinations last year will suffer the penalty of not being able to take the foreign licensure exams and other gateway examinations to work in other countries. This is exactly what happened with the CGFNS. If you were the US, you'd do the same thing. Sure, not all the takers of the exams cheated, but let's face it. The tests have been tainted, and everyone who took it, cheater or not, will have to deal with the same tainted image as all of the other takers. Now that the shit has hit the fan, these people who are still adamant about refusing to retake the exams are actually blaming the PRC for one reason or another (the best reason i can think of is "shit, i made a mistake! i must blame the goverment for it!" -- common pinoy escapeist reasoning). O, ano na ngayon? What will happen to your stance? You think the president will help you? Of course not! That's stupid thinking. And if she doesn't help you, i'm sure you'll blame her as well. Might as well blame her for everyting, including why we still haven't inhabitted the moon, while you're at it! Serves you right for playing hardball. You should have taken the retake exams!