Sunday, February 18, 2007

Random Thoughts

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It's funny how the world works. What is true now may not be true in the future. Take for example the two battling political camps: The Administration and the Opposition. During the impeachment of deposed president Erap, Loren Legarda was one of those who displayed true animosity towards then administration cohorts Tessie Aquino Oretta et al who refused to allow the opening of the second envelope. Now, Loren is aligned with the Erap camp (whether they like to admit it or not, the United Opposition or Genuine Opposition is still an Erap-controlled group). The former crying lady of the senate is now a happy, smiling buddy of the former actor-turned-president-turned-arrestee. Then there is Tito Sotto who used to bash La Gloria with all his night, as if all his hatred has been channeled towards one person alone. Now, he is with the president's camp! The same goes for Tessie Aquino Oretta. Manny villar, on the other hand, who was the main player in the transmission of the complaint of the impeachment of Erap to the Senate, is now an ally of the very person he tried to impeach! What a strange world we live in.

I didn't vote last election. Because of this, some argue that i forfeited my right to be active in politics by not voting. I countered that part of my rights as a Filipino citizen is not just being able to vote (or the right to suffrage), but also by exercising my right NOT to vote as a form of expression. I stand by my contention: Choosing not to exercise one's right is not an encompassing act of forfeiture of my other rights. Not exercising one's right to suffrage does not diminish one's enjoyment of his OTHER rights. I liken this scenario to the flag law of the US. In the United states of America, people are fiercely protective of their rights under their Constitution's Bill of Rights. To burn the flag is illegal, according to the Flag Law. However, each American is empowered by the Right to Freedom of Expression. The contention of the Civil Rights Activists is that the Flag of America should not just be a symbol of the nation, but a symbol to be used by its citizens in protest, meaning, burning the flag as a sign of protest should be covered by the Bill of Rights, which is higher than the Flag Law, for the Constitution is the foundation of American legal jurisprudence. So it is with voting: Voting should not just be an exercise of choosing officials. Refusing to vote is also an exercise in freedom of expression, which does not limit, stunt, diminish or impugn his other rights. This is the TRUE essence of democracy. Exercising one's right to vote OR exercising one's right NOT to vote. Both are rights which are protected by the very constitution we all uphold and revere.

I have been following the senatorial line up of both the opposition and administration (they go by the names Team Unity and Genuine Opposition now). Sadly for the administration line-up, it is a poorly thought-of line-up. I mean, Cesar Montano for senator? What the hell were they thinking??? I'm not too dandy about the other candidates as well, like Chavit, Ed Angara, Tito Sotto and Tessie Aquino Oretta, for the obvious reason that they were all once so rock-hard anti-Gloria.