Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Reaction to the Korean Essay

Mabuti pa ang Koreano, may pagmamahal sa Pilipinas.

Truly a wonderful essay. It is true that Korea once looked upon the Philippines as its model nation. Now, Korea has overtaken us. It is sad to note, but true, that we filipinos lack love for our country. We have become too jaded. I have been active in various organizations involved with uplifiting the plight of our citizens, but the sad fact, which was so aptly said in that essay is that filipinos have long lost interest in its country and its fellow filipinos. We have built walls around us and we became concerned only with ourselves. The past decades, we have battled foreign aggresors, fought dictators, fought corrpution... but we have lost. We lost because we became complacent with the fact that we filipinos have the power within us to remove people who do not serve our needs. This is the bad side of what we came to know as people power. We ourselves have become to drunk with power (whether we'd like to admit it or not) that we have lost focus... we have lost sight of our true objective. We believed that everything began and ended with EDSA. But the revolution is far from over. I am not talking about ousting the government, but a true revolution.. the one that Korea did, the one that elevated them to the status they now enjoy... the status we once enjoyed... The Koreans didn't stop with just achieving their ideal status. they went far beyond their target. They have a vision. They have true patriotism. They were willing to receive paltry salaries in exchange for a better Korea. who among us can say that we too can do the same? I truly admire our batchmates who, inspite of the big salaries they earn abroad, have decided to return home and help the country.