Thursday, October 18, 2007

Angelicum Revisited

I just arrived from a long PAASCU accreditation meeting in Angelicum College. I was asked by the new PR Head to be one of the resource persons representing the alumni in the accreditation renewal for the school.

I decided to go an hour and a half early so i can tour the campus before the meeting. I was pleasently surprised at how classy the school grounds has become, compared to when i was still there. The PR Office is no longer the shabby corner office at the second floor of St. Dominic Bldg. It is now a 1 room, 2 cubicle affair at the St. Thomas Ground Floor which formerly housed the school's cyber cafe.

The cyber cafe itself is now a classy hi-tech affair situated right beside cafetorium 2. The grounds no longer looked like alcatraz revisited. The REctor's office, which was once a gaudy mess is now as classy as a corporate CEO's suite, complete with better furnished board room complete with high back swivel leather chairs.

It was a pleasant surprise as well that my friend Boyet San Diego, former president of APO (Angelicum Parents Organization) was also invited to be one of the parent representatives. The meeting lasted about a couple and a half hours at the College Case Room (Thesis Defense Room).

All in all, Angelicum has changed a lot physically. It is yet to be decided if the system too has changed... and if so, we will find out if it changed for the better or for worse.