Wednesday, October 17, 2007

To Kill A Mockingbird

I've had Harper Lee's classic novel for the longest time but never found it an interesting read. In fact, I found just the cover to be so uninteresting that it never even crossed my mind to read it -- until last month. Last month i decided i would take this critically-acclaimed masterpiece out of my book box and read it for the first time. I was not disappointed. Harper Lee's characters Atticus, Scout and Jem Finch, Aunt Alexandra, Miss Maudie, Miss Rachel, Stephanie Crawford, Dill and the other characters of To Kill A Mockingbird stuck to my mind like glue to paper. The story is set in Maycomb County (I think it is in Alabama) during the time when negroes were segregated and shunned. Atticus, being a lawyer (and a state legislature representative to boot) was asked by the court to represent Tom Robinson, a negro accused of raping a member of the Ewell Clan. The story talks of innocence at a time of unrest. The main character, Jean Louise "Scout" Finch narrates the story from her perspective.

This book is definitely a must read.