Monday, October 15, 2007


As part of our annual tradition, Noel & girlfriend Aubrey and I went to Santo Domingo Church for the Centenial celebration of the Feast of the Nuestra Senora de Santissima Rosario de La Naval de Manila or Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. We arrived around 5 pm, and parking was difficult to come by. We finally found a reasonable parking space a block from the church. We went to the front of the church just as the carosas of the different dominican saints were being rolled out of the church. Barangays of Quezon City were well-represented in the procession which started 5 pm and lasted until about 7:00 pm.

It is also part of our tradition to drop by our dear friend Doc Kho's house near Sto. Domingo to partake in his birthday-cum-fiesta feast. Yesterday was no exception. We went to Doc's right after the procession and stuffed ourselves with Doc's trademark lechon and siomai, calderetta, embotido, aroz valenciana, roast chicken and lots of other delicious stuff.I got to see my old teachers and friends from Angelicum who were also there, including some of our old students and fellow alumni. I also visited my dear friend Che (Maricel) Munoz, a neighbor of Doc's, who has not changed a bit since we saw each other last.

Yesterday was a time of reflection and reunion, a time of prayer and thanksgiving, a time for meeting new friends and re-establishing ties with old ones. We are very fortunate to have had been a part and continue to be a part of this wodnerful tradition.