Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bossa Nova

One of the most interesting beats i have encountered in my lifetime is the bossa nova. Antonio Carlos Jobim is considered by many as the father of bossa nova and his music continues to play on in the hearts of the many lives his music has touched. For some reason, i find the portugese language and the bossa nova beat have a distinct flavor that no other music can duplicate. Last year, i bought a CD of "Triboto a Carlos Jobim", A tribute album to the genius that is Juan Antonio Carlos Jobim. There are so many songs of Jobim that i came to love over the years: Wave, Desafinido, Insensetaz, agua de Marco and others. Some of his songs were redone and made popular by an equally noteable musician, Sergio Mendez. Again, as i ransacked YouTube for my fave songs, i came across Tom Jobim's video of "Desafinido". Hope you like it.