Friday, April 27, 2007

Idol Gives Back

Today's episode of American Idol and their special program called Idol Gives Back was truly inspiring and absolutely amazing. We filipinos like to complain about our lot in life but when you see the people in Africa, you'll be sure to say we're better off than most of the people there. The fund raising program of Idol to give back to the needy, in the States and other nations as well, is a positive sign that people still care, that people still believe that something good can come out of watching TV. The program brought tears to my eyes, and you'd feel the same if you got the chance to watch it. The performance of the present Idol hopefuls is also inspiring, thanks to the wodnerful music of talented songwriter and singer Quincy Jones. If American Idol can give back, so can we. Let us start caring and start sharing what we have with our less fortunate brethren. Be a real idol and give back.