Friday, April 27, 2007

Terrible Conditions

My cousin Belinda was taken to the Quirino Medical Center (known as Labor Hospital to many) due to a recurrence of a mass growth in her cervical area. I visited her today at the hospital's OB Ward (Room B) and i was shocked at the terrible conditions the patients there endure. Being summer, the climate was unusually hot today, and luckily their room had a big window or else i am sure the heat would have been very unberable. the room itself only had two ceiling fans, and one hospital bed has to be shared by two patients. When we arrived, my cousin was sitting on her bed, with another guy (who was the "bantay" of my cousin's "bedmate") sitting next to her. My cousin is udnergoing blood transfussion and i could only imagine the hardship my cousin has to endure in that ward. That visit to my cousin was an eye-opener for me. The poor state of our health care institutions (please don't give me the "it's gloria's fault" crap because this problem has been here since the time of Marcos) is something our senatoriables should consider as one of their advociacies. I cannot begin to describe the feeling of being there. One has to experience it to believe it. Terrible, Terrible conditions.