Monday, November 27, 2006

Miguel is OUT!

Finally, tonight's Idol on ABC 5 fulfilled the dreams of many Philippine Idol viewers. Miguel Mendoza was finally booted out of the Philippine Idol after a prolonged stay. Many viewers were on the edge of their seats as Mau and Jan were left standing on center stage, giving the impression that either of them will be eliminated. But that didn't happen, thank God! Finally, 3 deserving Idol hopefuls will make it to the Araneta Colliseum on the December 9 for the Finals. I heard tickets to that event are selling like hotcakes. By the way, Philippine Idol digressed a bit from the usual 2 finalists showdown. Philippine Idol will have three candidates who will vie for the coveted title of Philippine Idol. These are Jan, Gian and Mau who have proven themselves worthy to be in the finals. Let's face it. Miguel is still young and has a lot of years to hone his talents. He may even be a Philippine Idol in the not-so-distant future, but not this time. So far, the first Philippine Idol search has proven to be interesting. Sure, Pinoy Dream Academy may be putting up a very good fight in terms of sponsorship and viewership, but like it or not, winning PDA is not as exciting as being called THE FIRST PHILIPPINE IDOL. More power, Freemantle and ABC 5!