Monday, November 27, 2006

Philippine Idol's Mau is my bet as 1st Philippine Idol

If you've been following the progress of ABC 5 and Freemantle's Philippine Idol as I have, you'd be as surprised as I was when Pow was voted off last week. Pow was one of my bets for the title of Philippine Idol. I am sorry to say that I am not at all pleased that Miguel is still in the running after showing poor performance for the past few weeks. Now that Pow is out of the running, my bet would be Mau. Mau's performance tonight was excellent! Her rendition of My Funny Valentine was very, very impressive, and so was her version of Waray Waray although for me, Ertha Kitt's version remains to be the best. That being said, Mau has consistently showed us week after week of great singing prowess. She definitely has a future as the Anita Baker of the Philippines. Definitely, tonight's performance was her best. I also like her performance of Ako ang Nagwagi was also very good. I wish that Filipino viewers go for talent and not just popularity or looks. I mean, Ryan Cayabyab has said it before. If the votes weere cast according to talent, Ken and Miguel would have been out of Philippine Idol a long, long time ago. Sadly, my crush Apple was also eliminated. Oh well, that's life, and nobody said life was fair. It's down to the final four and if you're a regular voter of Philippine Idol, do vote for Mau. She deserves the title.