Sunday, November 26, 2006

Party!!!! Party!!! Yehey!!!

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of my sister Rose at our residence in Marikina. Earlier in the day, my sister Ruth and Brother-in-law Vic arrived to bring some cake, wasabe nuts, an indian version of "belekoy", some licorice candy and wine for my sister. My brother Ruben arrived later with some groceries and lechon manok followed by friends Noel and Aubrey who brought hotdogs and french fries. Poppo and Jhackie, Nigel, Pooh, and Ferdz arrived soon thereafter. They braved the hellish traffic of yesterday to be with my sister on this occassion. Thanks, guys. Poppo and Jhackie brought chicken wings, cheesecake and and lamb chops while Noel and Ferdz bought 3 cases of San Mig Light, while I prepared some pulutan favorites such as tokwa't baboy, menudo ala banares, my version of cream of corn soup and ate rose's special pesto pasta. It was a reunion of sorts which ended up in reminiscing about the good ol' college days. They Everyone had a grand old time. Here are some of the pics last night.

Ate Rose preparing her famous Pesto Pasta

Noel, Aubz, Poppo, Ferdz, Pooh, Jack and Nigel (Ate Rose hidden behind Ferdz)

Inuurirat si Mapangurirat. Pants-pulling is still a hit
among drunken masters
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Raise Da Roof! Ferdz and my niece Karla Alexis
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Mga walang pakialam sa camera: Isang laughing trip, isang napaluha,
isang tsibog ng tsibog, at yung dalawa parang nasa luneta

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Angelicum College schoolmates

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The celebrant with Ferdz "Razorback" Lim