Friday, November 24, 2006

Santa Collection

I recently opened my box of Santa Claus figurines. I collect Santa Claus items as a hobby. It started when i found a unique bottle-top in the form of a smiling, half-bodied santa. I found it a novel way to cover bottles and double as a christmas decor. So one October afternoon a few years back, while on my home from work, i passed by Dapitan street in Quezon City. I decided to stop by and see if they have any santa figurines i can buy. It was on one of the sidewalk vendors' stands that i saw my second santa. It was a hooded santa (much like little red riding hood) carrying a bag of toys with both hands. It was a bargain for 15 pesos! I bought my other santas in different locations. It's funny that when I was a kid, i thought that there was only one kind of santa -- a white, fat guy in a red suit with white beard. But my collection shattered that image. I have a black, thin santa wearing a tattered red coat, a santa dressed in a london beef-eater costume carrying a small pine tree, a santa dressed like a catholic bishop with a star-of-david miter, a pirate santa carrying a doll and a basket of toys. A cute little santa sitting on top of an old nintendo family computer and playing a santa video game, a carpenter santa making toys (courtesy of Lizzie), A thin, white santa, a fat, fat santa with toys, a santa paper-weight desinged like a carousel, a santa hiker, a ceramic santa bell, a thin bald santa with a dog, a sailor santa and a sleeping santa.
Oh, i also have three santa candle-holders and an egg-shaped santa, a doctor santa, a santa carrying a kid with a star and a xmas tree an a candle santa as well. Grabe na itoh! Imagine seeing them all again after a long, trial-filled year! Whatever feeling i may have had about the christmas season this year vanished as i brought out each santa, enjoying the whimsical designs and styles of their makers. Santa may not be a local christmas figure, but santa will forever be a part of MY christmas.
P.S. I'll be posting pictures of my sanats soon.
Take care and God Bless!