Monday, September 24, 2007

Avilon Zoo

The barkada planned a trip to Avilon Zoo on September 22. So come 9:00 am, we were ready and raring to go to Rodriguez (formerly Montalban) to visit the famous Avilon Zoo.

Around 9:30, we left in two cars (Noel's and Poppo's). We arrived at Avilon around past 10 am. We were toured by Aubrey's brother who has been to the zoo many times. We first saw the birds, then the crocodiles and other members of the reptilian family (i also thought i saw a senator in one of the pens, but it was just an ordinary croc. tsk.). We got to see a malaysian tapir, some tigers, a tarsier, a tree kangaroo, a jaguar (not the one with fourwheels ha) and a whole lot of arapima (those big fishies that look like giant tilapia).

We had lunch around 12:30 and were joined by "gaggle" of esager young kids (read noisy) who had to have their field trip the same time as our tour.

All in all, the visit to the zoo was relaxing, although i did get a tad bit tired. Anyway, here is the link to the photos. Enjoy1