Thursday, September 13, 2007


Guilty beyond reasonable doubt. This is the finding of the justices of the Sandiganbayan's Special Court on ERap's plunder case. Erap's camp cannot cry foul over the decision. During the trial, most of the requests of Erap's team of lawyers have been approved. The jsutices themselves have an above-average track record for fairness and are topnotchers in the field of law. The poor showing of support by Erap's supporters and their dwindling numbers is proof enough that the former president's clout has greatly diminished, and with the promulgation of jeudgment will further dwindle his support base. To Erap, i offer an unsolicited advise: Show remorse for your actions. Only then can the people and God forgive you for your sins. Now, let us all move on with our lives. This chapter of our history is finally at an end and we should all look towards the future for our country and our people.