Friday, September 21, 2007

Lousy Customer Service

My glucose meter was almost out of test strips and i decided to search the net for the website of Watsons. No luck. I then tried getting the number of SM Mall of Asia which hosues the biggest Watson's store so far. The admin officer was nice enough to connect me to the Watson's store of the mall. RRRRiiiing! The person who answered on the other line was rude, didin't even bother to say "good Evening". He just said "Hello" in a very discourteoous tone. So i asked point blank if they carried Accu-Chek Advantage II Test Strips and he said "sandali lang". After an eternity, he came back. He said "Meron ho". So i then asked if he could give me the number of the watsons Store in Blue Wave or Riverbank Mall. He seemed to have been taken aback by the request, but still begrudgingly said in a very fast tone "9413610". So i said thank you, but im quite sure he didn't here it because he was quite eager to put don the phone. So i called the number up, and lo and behold! The number he gave me was a dedicated fax number for Watsons! I decided instead to check Roche's website since Roche is the maker of Accu-Chek Advantage II. It was about 8 pm when i got the number. I called up Roche and the guard said the offices are closed. He politely asked if he could assist me and i told him my dillema. He then said he would connect me to someone who might be able to help. He connected me to a girl named Marife who got my number and promised to get the number of a store nearest my abode which carries the strips i need. 15 minute later, she called back and gave me the number for Watsons Riverbanks mall.

I am deeply upset that a big company like SM and their subsidiary Watsons does not even offer a directory of their stores. Mercury Drug has a far better website. I am dependent on the web for information, and SM seems to have concetrated on the business aspect of their malls and not the needs of their clientelle.

Businesses like Watsons should have a directory of their stores so that their customers wont waste time going to their store for non-existent or out-of-stock items.

My hats off to Roche's Corporate HQ. They really provided the assistance i needed. I forgot to ask a's surname so i can mention her in my blog. Sayang.