Friday, September 21, 2007


I received a while ago a letter of apology from Watson's regarding an incident a couple of days back. The apology was sent as an attachment via email. The attachedapology letter itself was written using a .LWP file.

For those unfamiliar with .LWP files, it is an extension used with Lotus Word Pro, a program which has long been overshadowed by MS Word. Big companies still use word pro but hey, if you're issuing an apology letter, is it not safe to assume that most people don't have Lotus Word Pro at home? Duh. That speaks volumes about their company.

Rudeness has no place in a personal care store. That is why it is a personal care store in the first place. People who go to Watsons go there to procure medicines or other health-related products. I am not a hot-headed person but this incident can be chalked up as one for the books.

I have downloaded a program to open the .LWP file containing the apology letter. Here it is for all of you to read.

Date: Friday, September 21, 2007

Mr. Rodel Banares
14 St. Claire St., Provident Village
Barangay Tañong, Marikina City

Dear Sir,

Good day! This is with regards to your concern regarding the untoward incident on the telephone with one of our employees here in Watson Mall of Asia Department Store.

It was Mr. John Raymond Viros, one of our newly hired stock clerks, who spoke with you on the telephone. Sir, Mr. Viros was very apologetic when I asked him about it and he admitted his faults that he failed to speak cordially to you because he was not used to speaking on the phone to customers, being a stock clerk and assigned at the stockroom only. He was merely trying to help out our sales associates who were busy assisting customers in the selling area because it was a high trading that day (3Day Sale event at that time).

I asked him to prepare an explanation letter and served a Violation Report for his misbehavior.

On behalf of my team, I am committing that this will never happen again and I would like to sincerely apologize for the inconveniences we’ve caused. Rest assured that the next time you need to make a phone call with us or other Watsons branch, due courtesy would definitely be extended. We hope that this experience has dampen very little of your loyalty in Watsons and that you would still continue to consider us as your Personal Care Store.

Thank you.

Very sincerely yours,

Jonah Grace H. Reyes
Area Manager - Central 1