Monday, April 28, 2008

The case of the missing shopping bag

Being the one to go to market and prepare our daily meals at home is quite a challenge. I have to think of our menu for the week, plan the budget and then buy the necessary food items i need to make that menu a reality. Being a self-proclaimed "expert" cook helps a lot. (hahahaha).

Although it was market day yesterday, i decided to forego my usual trip to the Marikina Market Mall and went instead to SaveMore Supermarket at Riverbanks Mall. The supermarket was chocful of people, being a Sunday. I had to fight my way through the chicken section just to get some fresh chicken breast fillets. Then it was off to the canned goods section for the breakfast goodies and then to Monterey's for the meats. (I found out that my "suki", mang romy, sells his meats a lot cheaper, so i made a mental note to buy all my meats at Mang Romy's instead of Monterey's).

I bought some packed veggies for the "inabraw" or "dinengdeng" which my mom used to make for us for dinner (a dish i can never perfect, but it tastes good just the same). I added some fresh mushrooms and some squash. I also bought some cleaning items for the zendo to be used by our cleaning lady this coming Saturday. I then went to the check out counter, paid for everything, did a little "personal shopping" (a little sunday leisure time for myself) and went home.

I dropped by the Zendo to drop off the cleaning items, but was surprised to see that i had one shopping bag of items missing. I panicked! i double-checked the trunk to see if i just missed seeing it, but it wan't there! Then it dawned on me: i thought i might have left it in one of the shops i visited (i went to a gadget shop to buy speakers for my mp3 player and a cute little tripod for my digital camera). So poor little me had to go back to the mall, pay 20 pesos for the parking and find a good parking space that isn't a million miles away from the mall entrance.

My first instinct was to the gadget shop to ask if i left a bag of industrial strength cleaners in their shop. I got a negative answer, aside from the incredulous look the sales lady gave me. I decided to go to the customer service area of the supermarket, and as i was approaching the counter, I felt my heart beat fast. I was thinking "what if the items are not there?" The items are worth a little over five hundred pesos and if i lost it, i would have to shell out 500 bucks for those items! I went straight to the customer service counter, spoke to the representative, and i showed them my receipt, and to my surprise they said my shopping bag was indeed with them! What a relief!

I went back to the Zendo and dropped the items off, then went home. I felt relieved that i was able to recover the items and decided to treat myself to some coke light. With that, a great weight was lifted from my chest.