Monday, April 28, 2008

Vegetarian Lunch at the Zendo

I always look forward to the regular Sunday sits with the Zen Center Philippines Sangha at the Marikina Zendo. Juju Tan was our Jikijitsu and it was good to see familiar faces and new ones as well in the zendo. We were joined for the first time by the new batch of orientees. Starting last Sunday, they will join us for zazen until the end of their orientation.

It was an overcast Sunday and the weather was not as warm as it was the past few days, which made it an "ideal sitting weather". We were joined by Irene Araneta and Alfred Tong, and teisho was delviered by Carmen Sensei.

We thought there would be no lunch, but Carmen Sensei surprised us all when we went to the mess hall. She had Norma, her wonderful, wonderful cook, make her exquisite squash soup and her equally delectable spinach lasagna. The toasted herbed bread was a perfect match to the lasagna, and the turon was very good as well.

In keeping with tradition, the orientees were introduced to the rest of the sangha. It was a fun lunch, with lots of good food and equally good company.

It was a very good vegetarian lunch and an even better Sunday aqt the Zendo.