Monday, April 07, 2008

Culture of Hate from the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines

It seems ironic that a Catholic Redemptorist Priest is biking around Luzon deploring the alleged "culture of death" of the Arroyo Administration. It is ironic because this particular priest should be more concerned about the culture of hate being circulated by some members of the Clergy. Hate that is being fed to millions of Catholic Youth under the pretense of "National Morals". Hate that has caused a great division between Filipinos. Hate that has penetrated the misison of the Catholic Church of Evangelization.

This Culutre of Hate is very evident in Bishop Oscar Cruz, who makes his hatred known all over media. This type of hate is now being copied by blind catholic faithful who think that Cruz is right. Cruz's blind anger against Gloria Arroyo has made him weak and a liability to the Roman Catholic Church. Christ's message of lvoe and peace is lost on Bishop Cruz, who prefers to bully the government by calling it names and throwing baseless accusations and using the pulpti to demonize his perceived enemies.

This culture of hate, being preached by Anti-Government priests is going to continue because no authority has taken action to prevent the use of the pulpit, the pulit of the Church established by Jesus Christ, to bismirch people's reputations without foundation.