Thursday, April 10, 2008

Homphobia has no place in a Christian Country

Gay priest Fr. Richard Mickley and his organization Order of Saint Aelred was kicked out by his HOMOPHOBIC landlord in Quezon City, after the landlord's preachy preachy Christians convinced him to evict the gay priest. He needs to move the Order of Saint Aelred to a more expensive house... PLEASE HELP POOR VICTIMS OF HOMOPHOBIA by sending him as little as 100 pesos, as if that will do anything, but do it just the same. American Father Richard has donated his life pensions as a US serviceman to help Filipino gays and lesbians in the closet survive for over 15 years in Manila .... NOW IT IS THE TURN OF THE FILIPINOS to help him as he is already very old and sickly.

The letter below (with contact addresses) is the sad proof of homophobia that only brave souls like Fr. Richard is willing to share to give proof to the fact that HOMOPHOBIA IS ALIVE AND WELL IN THE PHILIPPINES despite all efforts even by gays and lesbians themselves to hide the incidents that they themselves experience.

From Fr. Richard:

You have no doubt heard that I have been evicted for "doing those same sex marriages" by our born-again preacher bigotted landowner. He knew before I moved in, and we discussed it. But his fellow bigots in his church convinced him to not let a sinner stay in his property. I told him Jesus even ate with sinners (which I am not asking him to do). He said, "It's one thing to commit a sin and repent; it's another thing to persist in living in sin."

So that's another moving trauma and expense so soon. I have helped so many people in similar situations. I never dreamed it would happen to me -- in my advanced age. I have told people that I need a place big enough (with an extra large room) to house the George DeCarlo-Ryan Reyes LGBT Library of the Philippines. Friends have helped me find a rather expensive place which is large enough. George and Ryan will take custody of the library when they (move) here in the next few years. Some of my friends want to get 1000 LGBT to come here and stage a noise barrage for my friendly landowner. I told him that, and we negotiated that he may give me back my deposit in cash (to keep the peace) if he rents this place or another unit that is vacant.

But moving is a very large expense. I am just hoping that a large number of our friends can spare P100 each, a few pesos here and there to add up to enough to cover the cost of moving, the truck and the movers. P100 from 10 people is already P1000. In the new place we can have more regular meetings (which have been forbidden here). Can you ask a few people to help out with P100 each, but no noise barrage, -- yet.

In Friendship, Richard

-- "God is Friendship." (St. Aelred, 1110-1167)
--Fr. Richard R. Mickley, O.S.Ae., Ph.D.Abbo
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