Saturday, May 19, 2007

Asado and Mantau buns

We were at my sister's place yesterday and i mentioned to my brother-in-law Vic that i was planning to cook pork asado. So he looked up a recipe of mantau (a sort of siopao but without the filling). After an hour, he had a printed recipe of the steamed buns and we proceded to work on it. It took us about 15 minutes to gather all the ingredients from their kitchen and placed it on their bread maker (just to mix the dough). While waiting for the dough to be kneaded thouroughly, i began cooking the pork asado (just a combination of dark soy sauce, sugar, water and hoisin sauce). After the asado was cooked and being cooled, kuya vic began dividing the dough into small buns and putting wax paper underneath them. My niece Carla got the steamer and soon we had ourselves an asado and mantao dinner. It was a shame my sister wasn't there to enjoy the asado and mantau. I plan to make it here at home as well. Yum.