Tuesday, May 15, 2007


After weeks of looking forward to election day, this day turned out to be more of a big disappointment than a milestone. From Marikina, my sister, niece and i travelled to San Andres in Manila to vote. My sister was hesitant to vote since she was afraid that the poll officials mights ask for her voters ID which we didn't have. We took the risk, braved the heat, and finally arrived at Rafael Palma Elementary School along Zobel Roxas. We went to the room where our precinct was, but it turned out that our barangay (763) has been divided into 6 precincts, which turned out to be scattered all over the big school. Still, we went to each of the rooms until the last room proved to be our precinct. We checked our names, and my sister found hers next to my mom's, but my name wasn't included in the list! I let my sister vote first before w went to the Comelec representative, and they checked the list and tooth which our true enough, i wasn't on any of their lists. So we went to the PPCRV booth, and the same thing happened. My final resort was to visit the barangay captain put up near the school. They checked the list, found that my name wasn't in any of them, and surmised that it might have been transfered to another precinct. What??? How could that have happened? Comelec was just saying over the radio that only 2 election no-shows will qualify one to be stricken off the list. I only missed one election which was the last Presidential elections. How could this have happened? Sadly, no one was able to answer my question, as if this was one of life's great mysteries. And so, with a heavy heart, we left Manila without me voting. I just want an explanation, a reasonable one, to validate why my name was removed from the list while my dearly departed mother's name was still on the list.