Friday, May 11, 2007

Surprising Week

I recently opened the email address of our clan website which i have not been able to open since december. I found to my surprise an email from Maureen Bernardo of Perth, Australia who sent an email along with attachments of their family tree and an theory about their link to our clan. I was surprised because the among the pictures she sent me was a picture of her mother-in-law Sabina Banares Bernardo dated 1976. The picture shows Sabina with Jose Banares and my grandfather Tomas. According to Maureen's email, when they visited Bacacay in 1976, they were receivd and accepted into the clan by Jose and Tomas. Which is why today, i am busy ammending the history of the clan which might soon include a previously unknown sixth child of ancestor Bartolome Banares. The sixth son was rumored to have left the family in his early teens and was never heard from again by the family. It is Maureen's belief, and i tend to agree with her, that Sabina's father Cornelio is the missing son of Bartolome. In any case, it is my belief that since the side of Cornelio was accepted into the clan by Tomas and Jose, then we should accept them with open arms. Truly, this is a surprising week.