Friday, May 25, 2007

How does one love?

How does one love? Does one love with his mind or with his heart? If one loves with his mind, he opens himself up to doubt and distrust, for the mind is analytical and approaches problems in forms of equations and formulae. When one loves with his heart, the heart sees only the sincerity and the goodness of another. But, the heart can be misled, and quite easily too. The brain and the heart are like the chinese Yin and Yang. Like the yin and yang, there too must be an equal balance of heart and mind when loving. To love, one must be open to the reality that all human beings have their own good and bad side. To see only the good in a person without acknowledging his faults, shortcomings and weaknesses is not love. Always remember that the positive should always be balanced by the negative, for no one of this earth is born of only one side. In the words of my old mentor Master Rico, one is blinded by love and sees only the good when he can no longer differentiate between a dimple and a pimple.