Friday, May 25, 2007

The Pathway to Enlightement

We go about our daily lives focused on trivial matters. I say trivial because in the broader spectrum of life, the chi or path towards enlightenment recognizes no status, financial stability or social status -- these are merely man-made and not an integral part of the discovery of the pathway to enlightenment. The three jewels of the Tao (as with the essentials towards the realization of the Pathway towards True Enlightenment) are humility, moderation and love. With the Pathway, it is love, simplicity and meditation. Love is essential because only with love can one come closer to the Pathway. Living simply (simplicity) is essential as well, for only in simplicity can one escape the trappings of materiality and the temptations of the body. Lastly there is meditation. This final step towards the Pathway is based on two elements: darkness and silence. Darkness and silence are essential for it elliminates distractions of the senses and heightens the ability of a person to listen only to his heart. With the right training, the Pathway to Enlightenment will present itself, as certain as the Sun rises in the East.