Friday, May 25, 2007

Great Things start from Small Things

Great things come from small beginnings. The stately and graceful butterfly starts as a homely caterpillar. The giant redwood starts out as a single seed. Humans begin their journey through life as a single cell. The greatest empires of the world began as tiny specks of greed embedded in the hearts of their leaders. That is why great care must be given to little things, things that seldom seem to have importance, and yet prove to be more magnanimous than perceived possible. So it is with our spirituality. We may begin our spiritual journey as a single desire to commune with our maker, but soon realize that our spirituality is bigger, greater than a single desire. It becomes an encompassing and overwhelming cocoon that encapsulates us. The trick is not to try and escape our spirituality because this is not possible, but to be one with the cocoon of our spirituality. As we morph inside our spirituality we hope to emerge as enlightened beings, far understanding of the world we live in, just as the stately butterlfy learns to fly at the first opening of its wings. And so from one little desire to commune with our maker, our maker elevates us from creatures of confusion to creatures of enlightenment. Thus, from a single desire, great things begin.