Saturday, March 03, 2007


I've promoted many orgs in my various blogs before, but this one really takes the cake. The Kindness Revolution is a fund raising project meant to benefit the volunteers of the Global Xchange Programme. They are a group of multi-cultural youth volunteers that really want to make a difference and make contributions to developing communities, etc. (Find out more about them by clicking here).

what's fun about this project is that you get to buy coupons (in denominations of P100, P300, P500 and P1000), and they will match it with a good deed. My niece Miel, a volunteer for the group, once di groceries for a week for a donor (or coupon buyer or whaever they call 'em).
By purchasing these coupons, you not only get to help finance the volunteers but also get to help our less fortunate brethren. How many groups do you know offer these incentives for donating? So dig deep into your pockets, guys, and start buying those coupons and do your share!

This blog will be posted in all my sites and my weekly column in the clan website. Visit them at:

And, if its not too much trouble, fellow bloggers, do your share as well and provide links for this group. Their URL is
What are you waiting for? Join the kindness revolution and let kindness be your religion!