Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Much ado about nothing

There has been much "excitement" in the media yesterday about a blog supposedly written by a "scorned ex-lover" of the First Gentleman who is pushing for his disbarment over "immorality" and "deceit". Don't you think it's funny when a msitress (she knows FG is married) usddenly files a case of immorality against an ex-lover? After all, it takes two to tango and this woman apparently knows her "place" in their relationship. Deceit? Why? Was she promised marriage? Come on! This is the oldest trick of lovers to mistresses. Now the media is having a field day. Probably because yesterday was a slow news day for them and this'll definitely get ratings. Hello! News Flash, media people! Napakaraming may mistresses sa media and even in public office, and yet we chose to feature the mistress of a non-official (the post of first-gentleman or first lady is technically a civilian psot, not a public one). We choose to criticize this shortcoming of the first gentleman and yet we trivialize the womanizing of Senator Revilla Senior! What a crazy world we live in! Does our rating as a thrid-world country change with this expose? Do the lives of the people below the poverty line change with this "expose"? No! So why make such a fuzz over something that's a non-issue? No one's making a blog about being Erap's mistress (mistresses, plural pala), or Bong Revilla's alleged extra-marital liasons. SOh well, sabi nga nila, hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.

P.S. I will appeal to to ban the blog. Blogger and blogs should not be used for unsubstantiated mudslinging. This belong in the proper forum, such as the courts or the IBP.