Monday, March 05, 2007

The Marikina Adventure (Episode 1)

It was such a beautiful afternoon that i thought i'd take my sister, neice and friend for a drive to the much-talked about riverside park of Marikina city. We've been living in Marikina for almost a year and we still have not been able to really visit the river park. So we hopped into old rusty junior (the name of my car, the junior of my old 1978 Mitsubishi Lancer) and headed for the park. We arrived just before 4:00 pm. There were a few people in the park, and we didn't have a hard time finding a nice parking spot near the Roman Gardens.

While we were strolling along the riverside park path, we noticed that one of the trees
had some monkeys playing in its branches (they were cement monkeys, of course!)

also along the path, there was a cute penguin statie that looks suspiciously a
lot like Happy feet's "bida"

This is a weird, confused statue. Is it supposed to be a christmas snowman
or a valentine's day tribute? You decide. for me though, it's a decapitated
snowman with golden cherubs playing with the body. (yuck!)

A statue of a lion with a very stiff neck

This is my favorite photo of our trip: Si adan, si eba at ang sawa!
Kulang na lang ang mansanas!

Drugs are dangerous! Look at these wide-eyed ... ewan...
mga moose ba `yan or reindeer? hmmmmm??

The path is lined with wild bamboo ....
My sister Rose and niece Karla posing before the Roman Garden Gazebo.
The gazebo was built by the Zoroasts society of Marikina and marks the spot where
a miraculous image of the child jesus was allegedly found.

This is yours truly, being attacked by a huge, ugly python which
found its way up a light post. (wink, wink!)
That ends part 1 of our adventures in Marikina. I'll be bringing you more fun places in Marikina to visit... until next time!