Friday, March 16, 2007


My friend and I went looking for a car he wanted to buy. After visiting the various car lots in Marikina and Quezon City, we decided to head to Himlayang Pilipino so he can continue with his driving lessons. I also decided to visit my grandmother Rosing's mausoleum in the said memorial park. Himlayang Pilipino lies at the end of Himlayan Road. It is surrounded by walls meant to mimic the famous walls of Intramuros. far from just being a memorial park, Himlayang Pilipino offers the visitor a tranquil place of solace where one can meditate and be at peace with nature.
The monument dedicated to Tandang Sora (Melchora Aquino),
Grand Old Lady of the Katipunan

The Himlayang Pilipino chapel

The final resting place of Tandang Sora

Monument dedicated to Gregorio Del Pilar and the Battle
of Tirad Pass, where he was slain

Full view of the Tandang Sora Monument. Behind this sculpture
is her tomb where an eternal flame is lit.

A wishing well below the hill where the monument
of Gregorio Del Pilar is situated.

The arrest of Tandang Sora. This sculpture is on the
other side of her tomb.

The Himlayang Pilipino Gazeo. This gazebo overlooks
a man-made lagoon with a stuatue of Malakas and Maganda.

A close-up of the statue of Malakas and Maganda
with the Sarimanok that opened their bamboo.

A tomb overlooking the lagoon. I believe this is the tomb of
the owner of Himlayang Pilipino, but i'm not sure.