Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Media: Oppressed or oppresor?

The media has been crying harassment over several libel cases filed by the First Gentleman regarding several articles written by the said media people. Why are the media people crying harassment? Isn't a libel suit the proper venue for the first gentleman to air his grievance as a citizen? Isn't it unfair that the media can callously destroy the credibility of a person then claim immunity in the name of press freedom? Who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed? The media has callously used press freedom as an avenue to destroy their enemies and yet they claim to protect the masang pilipino? who the shall protect us from our "protectors"? If they can do it to someone as Mike Arroyo, then we should be fearful for the media can do this to anyone. Media has gone from being a responsible vehicle of truth to a demolition-derby vehicle of blackmail and corruption. Media has loosely used its power in the name of profit and ratings! Look how media has reared its ugly head! Just look at the way Karen Davila asks questions, as if she is a holier-than-thou angel of enlightenment! The media is not being oppressed as it likes to portray. If this is true, then how come there are many anti-government reporters on TV, Radio and print? How come hindi pa sila pinapasara ng gobyerno? Media should take a long hard look in the mirror and try to see who is the real oppressor. They might be surprised to see their face on the mirror!